Lawn Mower Brands - Lawn Mower Dealers by State
Looking for a lawn mower doesn't have to be a difficult task. We can help you select what type of mower is best for you.

We also have simple to follow information about mower brands. We even offer tips on how to care for and maintain your new or slightly used mower.

Most of us love to have a great looking, well kempt lawn. A high quality lawn mower will help you to maintain a high standard of lawn care.

Whether you are looking for a
Zero Turn Lawn Mower, push mower, Riding Mower or don't have a clue which mower? We can lead you in the right direction.

We even offer a list of lawn mower dealers by state, so you can make the purchase when you're ready.
Riding Lawn Mowers
If you own a large property you will probably want a riding lawn mower to make the job of mowing all that lawn easier. Riding lawn mowers fall into 2 different main categories: lawn tractors and zero turn lawn mowers.

Both allow you to sit and ride the mower but each offer different benefits and maneuverability. You are going to want to take certain factors into account before purchasing a riding lawn mower. Take these factors into account before buying.

Make sure you have space to store a riding mower. Most are much larger than a typical push mower and require adequate storage space.

A larger deck size means a larger blade and quicker cutting times. However, if you have a lot of obstacles in the way a smaller deck size might make it easier to get the job done. Or a zero turn might be even better and allow you to cut close to trees, fence posts and other yard objects.

Decide if you want a mower with the engine in the front or rear of the mower.

Riding mowers can be expensive to fix, so make sure the warranty is adequate before purchasing. You may even want to look into an extended warranty if the price isn't too expensive.

Ready to shop for specific brands, try our top mower brands page at this link.
How to care for your Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Tips
Tip #1 - Started by reading your operators manual. To know how to safely operate your lawnmower, it is important that you thoroughly read the operators manual. Make sure you are familiar with all the controls and functions for your mower.

Tip #2 - Be sure to use new fuel. It's best to drain the old fuel and put new fuel in your lawnmower every spring. Bad fuel can cause a sputtering engine and can even prevent the lawnmower from turning over. Consult your operators manual for the correct fuel for your particular mower. Using the wrong type of fuel can damage your mower.

Tip #3 - Lubricate your throttle and all moving parts. It's common for leftover grease and oil to harden while your lawnmower sits during the winter. Apply a light lubricant on the narrow spring of the throttle to help loosen the hardened oil.

Tip #4 -Clean out the air filter. It's quite common for your air filter to become clogged with oil and debris. The air filter protects your engine from dirt. A clogged one will slow engine performance, by choking off your engine.

Tip #5 - Always check the oil level. It's important that you have enough oil in your lawnmower. If the lawnmower has been sitting for a while you may want to consider changing the oil filter and adding fresh oil. Running a motor on low oil can lead to low compression and can even damage the engine.

Tip #6 - Install a new spark plug. Spark plugs are cheap and should be replaced once a year. This will ensure that your motor starts every time, it will also allow for maximum performance.

Tip #7 - Be sure to inspect your blades. You want to avoid a dull blade which can cause grass tips to turn brown. If upon inspection your blades are dull or bent, replace them with new blades. This will increase the performance of your lawnmower and give you professional looking results for your lawn.
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers have become a popular type of riding lawn mowers in recent years. The great advantage to owning a zero turn lawn mower is that the mower is designed to cut very closely around obstacles, therefore eliminating the need for trimming.

They are also allow you to reduce the time you spend mowing, leaving you time for more productive things (like golf and relaxing).

A zero turn mower has the capability of rotating in near perfect 360 degree circles. Basically allowing you the freedom to "turn on a dime" or at at least a quarter. This tight turn radius works great for maneuvering around yard obstacles like trees, rocks, fence posts or even "Sparky" the dog.

As far as Zero Turn Mower Brands go there are a few to take note of. Husqvarna, Club Cadet, Arien, John Deere and Craftsman are known for some high quality Zero Turn Models.
Choosing The right Lawn Mower for you.
While the idea of electric mowers is great, they are still impractical for most people. That means you are going to want the ease and reliability of a gas lawn mower.

Choosing the best lawn mower can be tricky and the mower that is right for you may not be right for everyone else. Do some research before making your mower purchase and even try to test out the model if possible before buying.

If you take into account all these factors then there are still a few mower brands that rate consistently high in survey's.

Honda mowers are some of the most reliable mowers on the market. Craftsman mowers are well built and stand the test of time. Other brands with good ratings include Poulan, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt and Toro. For more information on these brands visit our lawn mower brands page. - - - - - - -